Kyle Capka

Kyle likes progression. If he doesn’t land a trick he tries it over and over.  Even if he lands it he’ll do it again to make it better.  Yesterday I watched him do kickflips over all the different pyramids at the park one after another.

Kyle also likes transition.  He was one of the few to wear a helmet but it looks like he has lost it, even though he is now doing serious backside airs a foot over coping in the deep end of the kidney bowlThey were good enough to make me wonder if he should put the helmet back on.

A few years ago I came up with a set of questions about skateboarding.  These were Kyle’s answers.

Do you remember the details of your first setup?
-K-mart board.

You can also watch Kyle in some more recent clips here.

Name: Kyle Capka
Age: 13
Type of Job/Schooling: Middle school
Years Skateboarding: 3

What’s your first skateboarding memory?
-Ollieing over a crack.

What’s your favorite skateboarding memory?
-Tre flipping a 6.

Ever quit? Want to, or say you’ll quit?

Where did you start? Did that influence you?
-I started at Eric & Ryan [Cedro’s] house.

How would you describe the feeling of skateboarding?

Why do you keep skating?
-Because it’s fun.

Do you care about the history of skateboarding?

Do you care about the current skate media?

What else is like skateboarding to you?
-Skateboarding games.

What isn’t like skating?
-Everything other than skating.

What was the first hard “trick” you worked for?

Why work so hard for a trick?
-Because it feels cool to learn a new trick.

Was it hard or easy at first?

What’s your favorite thing to do on a skateboard and why?
-Tre flips because they look cool.

Is there a trick you don’t think you’ll ever be able to do?
-360 hardflip.

Is there any maneuver you would purposefully not do?
-Handstands on flat.

What’s the trick you can do every time that surprises you?

What’s your dream “tricks”?
-McTwist, Christ Air.

What’s your favorite terrain and why?
-Stairs, because it’s fun to do stuff on them.

What do you hate about skateboarding?

Best (worst) injury? Healing time?
-Racking on a nollie heel.  It took me like a week.

How do you overcome fear?
-Just do it again.

Do you remember the details of your first setup?
-K-mart board.

Did you start with friends or alone?

Was it hard or easy at first?

Was there anyone or anything that especially inspired you to start or keep skating?
-Ryan and Eric.

Do your parents ever have a problem with skateboarding?

When did you realize you were a skater?
-When I could kickflip.

How do you feel about skateboarding now compared to when you started?
-I’m better.

What is most important about skateboarding to you?
-Landing new tricks.

How do you overcome fear?
-Just do it again.


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