Vince McLaughlin

I don’t know Vince very much, but I love to watch him skate.  He is one of those guys where his skating does the talking.  From frontside 360’s over the rail to one-footed 50-50’s, his trick selection is equally straight gnar and creative fun.

I have to admit I was a little jealous one night when he did my dream trick down the skatepark double-set; a switch backside flip.  I was okay with it though, because he did it without any cheering onlookers or cameras.  A friend said to me, “you can still do it, he didn’t get it on film,”  but I saw it and could never outdo the way he did it.  He’s the kind of guy to switch bs flip a double set for himself.  We  may not get footage of his best skating, but I think we are lucky to get anything.

A few years ago I came up with a set of questions about skateboarding.  These were Vince’s answers.

What’s your dream “tricks”?
-Backflip down stairs.

You can also watch Vince skate in this clip from Calavera Board Supply.

Name: Vince McLauglin
Age: 22
Type of Job/Schooling: Baker
Years Skateboarding: 8

What’s your first skateboarding memory?
-Learning 50-50s on banana boards.

What’s your favorite skateboarding memory?
-None for sure, it’s all good.

Ever quit? Want to, or say you’ll quit?

Where did you start? Did that influence you?
-It’s fun, just did it.

How would you describe the feeling of skateboarding:?
-Walking drunk.

Why do you keep skating?
-I’m not dead.

Do you care about the history of skateboarding?
-Yes it’s important.

Do you care about the current skate media?
-Some of it.

What else is like skateboarding to you?

What isn’t like skating?

What was the first hard “trick” you worked for?

Why work so hard for a trick?

How would you describe the feeling of skateboarding?
-Walking drunk.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a skateboard and why?
-Big spins because they’re cake.

Is there a trick you don’t think you’ll ever be able to do?
-Backflip. I’m workin’ on it.

Is there any maneuver you would purposefully not do?

What’s the trick you can do every time that surprises you?

What’s your dream “tricks”?
-Backflip down stairs.

What’s your favorite terrain and why?
-Banks, steep. They’re fun.

What do you hate about skateboarding?

Best (worst) injury? Healing time?
-Hip. 1 1/2 months.

How do you overcome fear?
-Don’t care.

Do you remember the details of your first setup?
-World Industries with dirt wheels.

Did you start with friends or alone?

Was it hard or easy at first?

Was there anyone or anything that especially inspired you to start or keep skating?
-Nothing else to do.

Do your parents ever have a problem with skateboarding?

When did you realize you were a skater?

How do you feel about skateboarding now compared to when you started?
-The same.

What is most important about skateboarding to you?
-It’s fun.

Why do you keep skating?
-I’m not dead.


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4 responses to “Vince McLaughlin

  1. I’m not sure if he is serious or not about the backflips.

  2. That was the best answer to “dream tricks” yet!
    And his honest depth on “describe the feeling” truly breaks the surface.
    Hail. Naw Mean?!

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