Kramer’s Clips

Good local videos make a skate scene feel more real.  No matter how small the city is, seeing friends nailing their tricks in a nicely edited way is always stoking.  Even the small  mountain-town of Prescott has had some fun and well edited videos.  Of course these days it is easier to put out footage with cheaper cameras, phones, youtube, and  so on, but doing it properly is still an art.  There wasn’t as much good filming going on for a while, then Kramer Karlson suffered a gnarly slam that snapped his lower leg in half.  As a result, he started filming with a nice camera and began producing some excellent edits.

One day he was filming the double-set at the skatepark and I got hyped on getting some footage for him.  I went for a heelflip and broke my board, but I was so determined to get the footy I drove back home and snagged a spare deck to setup.  On round two I cracked the tail, but with delicate feet I managed to roll away on my first flip trick down the double-set.  Then I immediately broke that board trying another trick.

That is just one story from his newest edits, and there is much better footage than me. Scope it!



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