“Working Class Fun”

Skate or die!… Or you can get a job and live.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still hopelessly obsessed and love  skating, but the reality for most of us skaters as we grow up is a lot different than your favorite skate video.  We may want to be 100%, but we’re lucky if we can be 37.2% skateboarding.  WSR Skateboards understands that and has decided to have fun.  I used to take myself and my skating a bit too  seriously, but WSR reminded me I am just a kook, in a good way.

This nice little edit shows the reality of mid-twenties skating; getting off of work and dorking around at the local park or dinky spot, or maybe take a little trip to hit some out of town skateparks.  Amongst the sketchy tricks lie a few gems, but somehow I like the sketchiness just as much if not more.  Forever Semi-Stoked



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