Castles Made of Concrete

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Life and Death of a DIY.

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When we began building our DIY spot I wanted to believe it could survive, but part of me was putting all that work into it expecting destruction and I was okay with that.  I was viewing it as a sandcastle destined to wash away in the seas, or more precisely, I looked at it as a ritual temporary creation like a sand painting or dry-painting.  I helped create our DIY as a sacred practice and it evoked moments of altered consciousness and deep clarity within myself.  It was also just simple awesome fun.

With my grand concepts of non-attachment in place I was able to handle the news of it’s destruction without a problem.  Our City posted a red notification of our “wrongdoing” and their intention to get rid of what we had done.  I thought they would clear away our work, but they went full out and also crushed the foundation we built upon.  I actually felt a strange pride that our joyful creations resulted in such a drastic reaction that likely cost more than we spent building it.

While I had initially thought I was detached from it’s possible destruction, when I actually went to see the remains of our DIY I got emotional.  I was alone and the first of the original builders to see it, and our wonderland was practically unrecognizable.  Suddenly my correlation to sand painting struck home teaching me about loss through skateboarding.  I helped create something and became familiar with nearly every inch of it, and then all of a sudden it was all obliterated.  As sad as it all makes me, I love the experience for it’s lesson and treasure every moment I shared with my friends.  I recommend it!


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