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“As Good As Dirt”

Ever since I started skateboarding the Prescott, AZ skate scene has been small but surprisingly active. For years one of the main driving forces was the hometown hero Jesse Lopez.  On top of being arguably the best skateboarder in town he also made legit local skate videos that everyone loved.  His first video, “Eye for an Eye”, is wonderfully edited and has been featured on this website for a while now.  His second video is even better, and now that it has been uploaded online I am happy to present “As Good As Dirt”.

Click here for “As Good As Dirt” full playlist

I’ll never forget Jesse got it to premier on a projector set up in the Prescott High School Ruth Street Theatre.  It was epic to see local spots and skaters blown up that big with a loud crowd watching.  Being able to go back and watch footage of my friends and the skaters I looked up to is a priceless nostalgia and I will forever be greatful to Jesse for that.  Sadly I never got any clips for either video, but that is probably for the best because I really sucked back then.  I’d rather just re-watch Jesse Lopez’s part over and over, and you should too.


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