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A Fun Day at The Yard

Having a non-bust spot to skate that isn’t a “skatepark” is a great thing to have as a skateboarder.  I grew up skating in a storage yard that my Dad manages, we call it The Yard.  I learned how to ollie  there almost 12 years ago and I am still learning new things there today.  We used to have big sessions there with all sorts of different skaters, but for the past seven or so years it has been mostly me alone.

Now the big sessions have begun again.  I have set the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month as official days to meet up at The Yard.  On the first Sunday it was raining, but 10-15 people still showed up and many of us skated despite the rain.  It was a harsh yet awesome start, proving our devotion to skating.IMG_20130217_170328

With the stoke set high, the second session did not disappoint.  This time the weather was perfect and The Yard was dominated by the younger generation of skaters in our scene.  It is rad to skate with another batch of little dudes  just like i used to with all of my friends when I was their age.

One of the best things I see about skating now is that it brings people of all ages together to do the same thing.  I love how in the footage and photos it switches back and forth between the young faces and my big beard.  Everyone is equal, size or age difference doesn’t really matter, and no one is in a coach like position.  We even all played hide and go seek tag together, and I can’t remember the last time I did that!  Skateboarding keeps you young.




































Photo Credit to April Adams and Video Credit to Ryan Cedro


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Prescott Park Sessions: A New Year’s Montage

This was put together from the extra footage I have shot so far, and I figure I’ll whip up a little video every month with any footy that isn’t being used for another projectIf anyone wants to film something let me know. 

In this video we have Scott Davis, Peter Sundt, Billy Clark, DJ Orlando, Jonah Barnes, Kronik Mike, Bridger Pierson, Kyle Capka, and Kramer Karlson. Special bail appearances by Mikey Powlas and Parker Crandall, and a little camera help from Ryan Cedro.

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Bridger Pierson

Bridger is one of those skaters that I have seen grow up at the skatepark, both in size and tricks.  To be honest though his size never seemed to affect how big his tricks were.

I don’t remember how it all happened, but somehow him and a whole gang of skaters showed up at the storage yard where I lived and learned to skate.  Suddenly, he was popping off the roof into a bank.  I had seen Vince McLaughlin do it before, but Bridger did it twice and did it better.  You can see the footage at the end of the video below.  I don’t know how much Bridger is skating now, but his answers and footage do all the talking.

A few years ago I came up with a set of questions about skateboarding.  These were Bridger’s answers.

How would you describe the feeling of skateboarding?
-Thousands of butterflies in me.  Better than kissing girls.

You can also see Bridger throwing himself down something huge here.

Name: Bridger Pierson
Age: 15
Type of Job/Schooling: Highschool
Years Skateboarding: 4

What’s your first skateboarding memory?
-Me and my Brother in the driveway building a quarter pipe.

What’s your favorite skateboarding memory?
-Skateboarding trip to California with my Brother.

Ever quit? Want to, or say you’ll quit?
-No way!  Never.

Where did you start? Did that influence you?
-In my house on the carpet.  My Brother is my influence.

How would you describe the feeling of skateboarding?
-Thousands of butterflies in me.  Better than kissing girls.

Why do you keep skating?
-Because it is the funnest thing I’ve ever done!  I love it!  I can’t stop!

Do you care about the history of skateboarding?
-Kinda.  I just do it cause it’s fun and it’s a way to express myself.  Who cares about History.

Do you care about the current skate media?
-Yeah, I love looking at skate media.  It’s the next funnest thing to skating.

What else is like skateboarding to you?
-Art.  Adrenaline.

What isn’t like skating?
-Being a PoPo!

What was the first hard “trick” you worked for?
-Ollie or kickflip.

Why work so hard for a trick?
-When you land it, it feels even better, like ecstasy or a drug.

How do you feel about skateboarding now compared to when you started?
-It’s more serious.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a skateboard and why?
-Throw myself down huge stuff.  I guess for a rush.

Is there a trick you don’t think you’ll ever be able to do?
-A lot of tricks.

Is there any maneuver you would purposefully not do?

What’s the trick you can do every time that surprises you?

What’s your dream “tricks”?
-Kickflip front blunt.

What’s your favorite terrain and why?
-Tranny and street.

What do you hate about skateboarding?
-Not landing tricks!!!!

Best (worst) injury? Healing time?
-Broken foot, dislocated shoulder, broken wrist.  All about a couple of months.

How do you overcome fear?
-Think about how much you want to get the footage and get pumped.

Do you remember the details of your first setup?
-Zero deck, Independent trucks, Spitfire wheels, Zero griptape.

Did you start with friends or alone?
-My Brother.

Was it hard or easy at first?

Was there anyone or anything that especially inspired you to start or keep skating?
-My Brother…  That’s it.

Do your parents ever have a problem with skateboarding?
-Yeah, how much money it costs.

When did you realize you were a skater?
-When I stepped on the board. I loved it.

How do you feel about skateboarding now compared to when you started?
-It’s more serious.

What is most important about skateboarding to you?
-Being able to do it forever.

Why work so hard for a trick?
-When you land it, it feels even better, like ecstasy or a drug.

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