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“Instagram Gratification”

“Selfies” may be selfish, but as a performance artist this presents a problem.  I have to admit I enjoy putting my work out there and getting a response.  To me, the purpose is about sharing.  I don’t want to show off to prove I am better than anyone, I want to inspire.

Unfortunately cameras are rarely pointed at me, so I have decided to embrace a more informal approach.  I have put my best Instagram clips of 2014 together and made a “video part”.  I have always wanted a more legitimately filmed video part, but until then I can encourage having fun through my mellow footage.

Whoever is having the most fun is the best skater at that moment.

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“Journey to Skate Boulder”

Skateboarding’s influence has the ability to inhabit almost any other art form.  In this era video is the king, and it has been used in countless different ways to convey the experience of skateboarding.  The spectrum of material produced by skaters now ranges from an endless stream of crappy phone-clips to full blown Hollywood productions.  There are so many skate videos out now it would be impossible for a human to watch them all.  Among all that madness, “Journey to Skate Boulder” is something genuinely unique on many levels.

This project by Clay Shank and Samuel Coodley (Big Toe Productions) bridges the gap between skateboarding and short film.  Often skate videos are hard for regular people to grasp, but anyone can appreciate this piece of work.  Skater’s will be highly satisfied as well by how gnarly the skating is, and I can tell you from seeing these spots first hand that they are even crazier than they look.

Over the next week I will be releasing interviews from the creators as well as a story about my experience helping with this project, so stay tuned and keep rolling!

This video showcases many illegal activities. Since making it public, law enforcement officers have tracked me down and confirmed that I broke many laws during its creation, including the use of an off-road vehicle on protected lands. Skateboarding is illegal on the rocks shown in this film and punishable with severe fines. Some of these locations are sacred historic sites, and all are pristine locations of otherworldly beauty. Skateboarding can be damaging to these areas and offensive to both lovers of wilderness and certain religious groups. When considering skateboarding off-road please take the time to consider the laws of the area, the sentimental value of the location, and the damage you may be doing. As always, when traveling in wilderness areas, please practice Leave No Trace principles and remember to respect both those who came before you and those who will come after. -Clay Shank

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Do It Yourself


I like to make things skateable.  When I think about it I have been like that ever since I started skating.  The first major modification I can think of was creating my flatbar out of rusted metal bars I found at my middle school.  It was a big piece of wooden and metal junk and I am still unsure of it’s purpose.  I asked the school officials if I could take it and they said it was okay, so my parents loaded it into our pickup and we were set.  My Mom was welding at the time and she had to cut the main bars off of the whole contraption.  We bolted the metal bars onto some wooden planks and I still skate that flatbar ten years later.

As I have grown I think I actually go out of my way to make things skateable.   To me, figuring out how to skate something in a new way is a trick in itself, and I like those tricks.  So it follows that making a previously unskateable spot skateable can be even better.  With this attitude I spent a week shoveling rocks and gravel at my local skatepark to make a new spot.  I am not sure but I think Kramer named it after me, and years later it is still called Bud’s Gap.  I have done a lot of cool tricks at that park, but making a new spot for everyone to skate will always be my best trick.

Today I was working with quickcrete during my job.  I have never worked with anything like it before, but as a skater I have always wanted to.  Luckily my Dad is my boss, so when there was a little bit left over he said I could start a new spot.  As soon as I got the okay I was as giddy as a teenage skate-rat.  Working on it and smoothing it out was strangely fun despite the simplicity.  I was going for a rough tranny to mainly make a wallie spot, but it looks like I will need a little more ‘crete.  The only hard part now is waiting for it to be done!


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