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“Solo Jazz”: My New Favorite Skate Vid

True connoisseur’s of skateboarding media know there are serious differences in opinion as to the best method of filming skating.  HD versus VX, High Production versus Lo-Fi, Film versus Digital.  In my opinion both options are completely viable if done correctly, but I must admit “Solo Jazz” is a good argument for the old ways with great humor included.  The gem that is “Solo Jazz” was brought to us by a hardware company, Bronze.  The video’s editing style is tightly done and quick, with a proper dose of the kind of weirdness and nostalgia that makes you feel warm inside when watching a good skate video.  The music may be my favorite part, a varied soundtrack that shifts as appropriately as a well trained DJ.  I leave the video on just to hear the music sometimes.

I mentioned all the other qualities, but of course the skating is sick as well.  It is the kind of skating that doesn’t overwhelm you, but rather makes you think “I could do that!”.  From part to part they choose not to name skaters, so the short 21 minutes seamlessly goes by as a fast experience.  You won’t see the biggest set of stairs or the newest tech wizardry, but you will see spots that barely look skateable get handled with style, speed, and creativity.  Where I live there are few obviously good spots, in fact my little mountain town very much reminds me of the East Coast when I see footage.  Watching videos like this opens up my mind to new possibilities, and reminds me that no matter how rough my spots are, I gotta keep rolling!

P.S. Make sure you watch the video make sure to hit the gear cog in YouTube and switch the video to 240p for optimum viewing experience!


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