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Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial Deck

On June 30th, 2013 Prescott, AZ was struck by a tragedy more tremendous than any event I have ever witnessed in the area.  Nineteen of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were taken in the line of fire defending Yavapai County.   The 19 Firefighters, their families, and their friends were deeply woven into the fabric of our community.  The loss is more than words can describe.

Throughout this indescribable horror our community has been stronger than ever, and the support for our loss has been outstanding.  Love has come from everyone everywhere, and that includes the skateboarding world.  Andrew Ashcraft (in the video below) was an avid skater in our town.  Personally, I remember him being at nearly every “Show” I went to in Prescott during the prime years of our music scene.  Through many connections, Foundation Skateboards has produced a Memorial Deck with 100% of all proceeds going to the families of the Granite Mountain Heroes.  Buy it!

Rest in Peace Garret Zuppiger, Kevin Woyjeck, Clayton Whitted, William Warneke, Travis Turbyfill, Joe Thurston, Jesse Steed, Anthony Rose, John Percin, Wade Parker, Scott Norris, Sean Misner, Grant McKee, Eric Marsh, Chris Mackenzie, Dustin DeFord, Travis Carter, Robert Caldwell, and Andrew Ashcraft.  With Love and Gratitude.

The Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial Deck, 100% of all proceeds going to the Families.


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