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Clay Shank: Challenging Yourself at the Skate Park

People ride skateboards in a lot of different ways.  Some people skate for fun, while others get serious for themselves or competition.  Some skaters ride solely as a means of transportation, and others skate because of their friends.  There are a plethora of reasons and ways to roll on a board, and that is perhaps the best part of skating.  Personally I skate for a mix of many reasons, but the main thing that keeps me going is the  fun I have challenging myself to no end.

Clay Shank rides his skateboard in a way that is challenging just to watch and understand.  He flies around looking simultaneously in control and sketchy, his face flashing big grins and intense focus, all with a healthy dose of humor.  When he first came into our scene and started skating our park I was intrigued by his style and trick selection, and I have been a big fan of his skating ever since.

In this excellent short film Clay has taken the concept of challenging yourself to another level.  I have actually played games of SKATE with myself, but this is just ridiculous.  Enjoy this beautiful piece of work shot and edited by Sam Coodley and starring, written,  and directed by Clay Shank.


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