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Bud’s Skateboard Camp: July 23rd-August 2nd

●A ten-day Skateboard Camp teaching basic & advanced techniques in the art of skateboarding.

●A wide variety of topics that includes injury prevention, trick tips, stretching, & the secrets of style.

●Camp goes from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. starting Monday July 23rd & ending Thursday August 2nd with Sunday off.

●Only $5.00 per day or $34.00 for the whole camp.

(Payment plans available)

1st Curriculum

●July 23-
Lesson 1: Skate Manners.
Lesson 2: Rolling, Pushing, & Throwing Down.

●July 24-
Lesson 3: Injury Prevention.
Lesson 4: Turning, Carving, & Dropping in.

●July 25-
Lesson 5: History, Video—“Why Style Matters”.
Lesson 6: The Ollie—plus Fakie, Nollie, & Switch.

●July 26-
Lesson 7: Board Maintenance.
Lesson 8: Air Outs & Grab Variations.

●July 27-
Lesson 9: Trick Names.
Lesson 1O: l8O & Shuvit Variations.

●July 28-
Lesson 1l: Photo/Video Tips.
Lesson 12: Rock n’ Roll Variations & Boardslides.

●July 29- Day Off.

●July 30-
Lesson 13: Video—“Freeling”.
Lesson 14: Kickflips & Variations.

●July 31-
Lesson 15: Question Session.
Lesson 16: Axle-Stalls & 5O-5Os.

●August 1-
Lesson 17: Learning New Tricks.
Lesson 18: Heelflips Plus Variations.

●August 2- Pizza Party, Demo by all Participants, & Fun Final Session.

Info and Signup at Bud’s Hidden Shop

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