The Questionnaires

In preparation for So What is Skateboarding, I came up with twenty-nine questions about the personal experience of skateboarding.  Over fifty skaters filled out the questionnaire.  While it would have been better for statistics sake to make it multiple choice, that kind of format is like a school test, and no skateboarder likes tests.   What I was looking for was the wide-eyed undefined collective opinion that all different skaters had for the board.  After sitting on the pile of interviews for a couple of years, I decided to put them out.

Kyle Capka

Ryan Cedro

Tyler Culbertson

Sean Davis

Jason Gregory

Kramer Karlson

Daniel Kasitch

Nick Kassitch

Wyatt McIntosh

Vince McLaughlin

Andy Niece

Eddie Nemeth

Bridger Pierson

Alejandro Walton

Bill Wennerholm

Charlie Whetzel

Ryan Zimmerman


One response to “The Questionnaires

  1. stobbe

    I’m psyched for you with this new shop!

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