“Gomez or Go Home”

A gnarly hill-bomb and Ira Glass may sound like a strange mixture, but Clay Shank made this recipe work.  The skating is impressive enough on its own, but what really caught my attention was the poignant narration.  The selection of quotes from Ira deals with the perseverance that it takes to make good creative work.  Another way to say it is you are probably going to suck for a long while before you are good at what you do.

What Ira says is exactly what I have experienced as a skateboarder.  When I started skating, I was incredibly untalented at it.  This lasted for years, and even when I began to gain a decent amount of skill it still wasn’t coming close to what I really wanted.   I have had very specific tastes as to what I want out of my skateboarding, and it has taken me around ten years for my skating to finally catch up with my desire, but I still want more.  In short, don’t give up and keep rolling!

Also, the 360 Flip at the end is magical.  For more from Clay, check out clayshank.com


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