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Instagram: @SoWhatSkateboarding or @OuRoot

When I started this website four years ago my goal was to explore the experience of skateboarding, especially from the average skaters perspective.  Soon after I realized I should use the website as a repository for all the different skate-media that was generated from my small scene.   Then over time several people who came from or visited Yavapai County moved away, and while they may not still be in our scene a connection was made and I realized that is the natural web created by the skateboard culture.  There are no reasons to have limits on what regions I share here.


Now as I have been revamping So What is Skateboarding I realized I should encourage everyone to share any sort of content.  Photos, videos, or if you would like to do an interview I would be thrilled to ask the questions.  Maybe you don’t think you have anything to share, but simply getting an instagram downloading app and putting together all your good clips from the last year can yield a fun video part.

If  professional skateboarders start becoming a part of this website that is wonderful, but the focus will always be about the average skater without any sponsors, because that is the true heart of skateboarding.

Instagram: @SoWhatSkateboarding or @OuRoot


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